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Monday, October 20, 2008

Best Online Friends

I've been noticing something of late, well actually ever since i first utilised the net way back in '97.

I've noticed how easy the online world is to connect to people!

I am so outgoing and brave and courageous and feel like i can do anything online but when it actually comes to real life, unless i know you really well, i clam up!!!

It's weird how people can seem like your besties online but in real life, it's just plain awkward! Like, some people you just know better online than offline!

My advice to you is if you want to get to know me or be friends with me, do it online first because i'm a gun online but in real life it's likely i won't know what to talk about and will probably come across as boring and awkward!

There's something about face-to-face pressure that the online world eliminates! I know it doesn't do anything for the social skills but hiding behind a computer seems so much easier than dealing with people face to face!

I wish we could all just co-exist online only!

The end.


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